Established in the 2009, SYF Development Sdn Bhd is a boutique developer focusing in the Cheras-Semenyih-Sungai Long-Kajang high-growth area within the Southern Corridor. Since inception, we have striven to identity the needs and requirements of our target market in delivering well-planned projects in various suitable locations on a timely basis.
Our forte lies in delivering value to our stakeholder buyers whom we believe to be the lynchpin for our future success. At SYF Development Sdn Bhd, there is no better advertisement than a satisfied buyer.
Apart from our renowned Hi-Tech series of projects in Semenyih (now in its seventh edition), we have also completed the Kiara Business Center and Lekas 18 projects both of which have excellent connectivity via the Lekas, SILK, Besraya and Cheras-Kajang highways.
In all our projects thus far, we have stayed to our philosophy of delivering the right product in the right location and at the right price. We intend to pursue this strategic in moving towards our vision of being the developer of choice in our chosen market.


Brief History
Incorporated on 21 November, 2007, the company commenced activity in 2009 with the launch of its maiden project covering an area of 36 acres and consisting of semi-detached and detached factories. Known as Semenyih Hi-Tech 1, this was the first in the highly successful Hi-Tech series of industrial projects which is now in its fifth edition with the launch of Semenyih Hi-Tech 5 in mid-2012. The Semenyih Hi-Tech projects are all located within Sungai Lalang, a thriving industrial area in Semenyih.
Aside from the Hi-Tech series, SYF Development Sdn Bhd's other projects include Lekas 18, an industrial/showroom project, and Kiara Business Centre, a commercial hub. Both are situated in strategic locations in Semenyih with direct access from the Lekas highway.
Todate, SYF Development Sdn Bhd has developed projects with total development value exceeding RM400 million in its first three years of operation.
Currently, SYF Development Sdn Bhd has a paid-up capital of RM6.0 million which will be increased progressively as the company grows. With its proven track record, project financing is readily secured from major banks while end-financing is easily available for its buyers.